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7 tips to write a Blog

7 tips to write a Blog

7 tips to write a Blog

A good marketing strategy would include content creation and what better way to do that than through writing blogs. Blogs are a great tool to keep your website updated, are a great information source for new and returning visitors to your website and increase engagement across email marketing and social media.

We often get asked how to write a blog and have put together the top 7 things you need to consider when writing a blog.

  1. Find a Focus. Identify what your blog topic will be about and stick to it. Use easy to read focus points such as 8 tips, 5 things, which allow for an easy read.
  1. Identify your target market. Make sure you write your blog for the people who are likely to read it. Think about frequently asked questions, tips and advice, personal stories, industry news etc that would appeal to your audience. You want to make sure that everyone who reads your blog has something to take away.
  1. Word Count. You don’t want to write an essay but you want to ensure you get enough content that the people reading it find value. Try and keep it between 500 to 1000 words. Where possible, keep your sentences and paragraphs short so it’s easy to read and straight to the point.
  1. Include Images. A blog with images throughout the text is much easier to read than a page full of text. Include images that will help get your point across and add value to your story.
  1. Include a CTA. Wrap up your blog with a call to action so people know what to do next (if anything). Encourage people to subscribe to your e-news or follow you on social media so they can be alerted when new blogs are released or use your CTA as a means to get people to purchase a product, enquire about a service, book tickets to an event etc.
  1. Get it out there. Share your blog on social media, create links to it in your e-news and find others who may want your blog shared in their marketing.
  1. Monitor Engagement. It is one thing to write a blog but it is another to make sure people are actually reading it. Check your website has Google Analytics installed and monitor the traffic to your blogs. With Google Analytics you will be able to report on traffic to each blog, time spent on the page, click through to other pages (from your blog), and determine whether your blogging efforts are driving more traffic overall to your website and from what channel (email, social etc).

We recommend that you create an editorial calendar which will allow you to plan out your blog topics over a few months. This will give you time to prepare your blog, determine who will be writing them and where they will be published and shared.

We offer one on one consulting sessions that show you how to create your editorial calendar, prepare your blog topics and start your first blog. For more information email us at info@glossdigital.com.au


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