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5 Hacks To Create Your Own Videos

5 Hacks To Create Your Own Videos

5 Hacks To Create Your Own Videos

I’m assuming here that if you’re in business then you are already creating your own videos. If you’re not doing some form of video marketing then I can’t stress enough the importance of it. It is a powerful marketing tool that you need to be doing stat! Many businesses believe you need to spend a fortune on having videos produced, but there are so many ways start-ups and small businesses can do this themselves.


For those that are currently doing some form of video marketing, here are my top 5 hacks on how to create your own videos.


Live Video on Facebook

Planning on offering some tips/advice on your Facebook business page? Then go live. I hear so many people say they have a fear of live video on Facebook, but the fact is when you go live Facebook is going to preference your live video over other posts.


Plan out what you’re going to say and ensure the video is at least 90 seconds long. Start by introducing yourself, welcome people that join your broadcast or engage with it, then get to what your tip is. You need to wait 20-30 seconds when you start broadcasting to allow people to see it. So don’t just jump right in with what it is you want to get across.


My advice: Just do it. You can always delete it after you’ve finished if you majorly stuff it up.


Add Captions

Adding captions is a must to all your videos that are going to be published on social media. Think about when people are on their phone, when they’re waiting somewhere, on public transport etc. So if you’ve created a video and it has no captions, chances are the person isn’t going to watch it as they don’t want to turn the sound on.


You can generate captions in Facebook, but the translation is a bit over the place, so you will need to do some editing. Otherwise send them off to a service like rev.com – convenient and in expensive way to add captions.


Create a Slideshow

Do you have a collection of photos that you could turn into a slideshow? This is possibly one of the easiest ways you can start marketing with video. It’s great if you have products you want to showcase, or you had an event recently.


Video Creation Programs

There are many programs on the market to help you with this. One like Animoto helps you to create videos in a few steps. They have templates you can choose from as well as royalty free music. There is a free version and also a paid version.


Here is Mashable’s list of the best video editing software platforms.


Shoot them all in the Same Day

Whilst I do live videos on Facebook, these are for latest tips around social media platforms and are time sensitive. For all other videos that might be general marketing tips for example I record this on my laptop of iPhone all in the same day for the month. I simply just change location, add a scarf or change my hair. That way I’ve got content for the month done and dusted.


All of the videos we create ourselves we publish on social media and also to our Youtube channel and some feature in our email marketing, the types of videos we do suit these platforms. However, when it comes to your business website, I do recommend engaging someone to have a video recorded and edited professionally as that does make such a difference.




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