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5 Features of Mailchimp that you should be using!

5 Features of Mailchimp that you should be using!

5 Features of Mailchimp that you should be using!

If you’ve had a chat with us about anything email marketing related then you would probably know we absolutely love using Mailchimp. Mailchimp is one of the most cost effective mail management programs available and makes email marketing a breeze.

Not only is it free to use if you have less than 2000 subscribers but it has some really great features which can work to improve your email marketing dramatically.

Here is our top 5;

1. Create your own Drag n’ Drop template 

Mailchimp offer a large selection of templates and layouts for you to utilise when designing your email. Rather than select a template that is already made, we suggest customising your own using the drag n’ drop feature. This will allow you to have more flexibility in your design and ensure it reflects your branding. Plus you can change it up, as you need – like add in a video!

2. Google Analytics Integration

Integrate your Google analytics with your Mailchimp account so you can monitor subscriber activity not only in the email but on their actions once they click a link and visit your website. Find out what conversion paths they took from your email so you can really see how effective your email marketing actually is – especially if the subscriber makes a purchase or enquiry.

3. A/B testing

Uncertain about what subject line to use, what the best time to send is or what image might work better? A/B testing will solve that problem for you. Mailchimp allows you up to 3 testing variables and will send out your email to a sample group and then notify you on what variable was more successful. They will even send the most successful campaign out to all the subscribers who weren’t part of your sample group. This takes the stress out of wondering what will and won’t work.

4. Automation

If you have an e-commerce website you should be using the automation feature within Mailchimp which basically does everything from sending welcome emails, to shopping cart abandonment reminders. You can even select products from your store that you want to appear in various emails as popular products. You will need a paid Mailchimp account but it is worth it. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce site, you can still use the automation feature for thank you emails for email sign-ups, opt-in confirmations and preference updates.

5. Optimised send times

This is one of our favourites! Instead of assuming what send time will work better, Mailchimp has a feature that lets them select the best time to send your email based on your subscribers activity. For example, if you send at 11am but there are people on your list that don’t open your email until 7pm, Mailchimp will send your email to them at that time. This staggered send allows for your subscribers to receive your email at the time they are most likely to engage as opposed to receiving it and deleting, as they aren’t ready to read it.

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