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4 of the best free Marketing Tools

4 of the best free Marketing Tools

4 of the best free Marketing Tools

There are hundreds and hundreds of tools available to help business’ with their marketing – some are free and others are paid. In our industry, we can honestly say that we have used quite a few of them so to make it easy for you – we have compiled the top 4 marketing tools you should definitely look at – PLUS they’re free!

Google Analytics

You may have heard about it but just not using it. Ensure Google Analytics is installed and working on your website. It is the best way to see how your website is performing from site visits to what channels bring traffic to your website – it is perfect to see whether your site is working for you or not. TIP: Google Analytics itself can get spammed from overseas sites – the easiest way to filter out most of this data is to create a segment to show Australia only results (this will only work if your primary audience is Australia only).


The free version of Canva pretty much lets you create all your artwork for online marketing. It even includes some templates and high res options for offline design requirements. Canva is setup with templates for social media, blogging, infographics, email marketing plus more or you can create your own designs by setting a size and uploading your own pics and logos.


This is our preferred choice for managing multiple social media channels. You can set up all your social channels including Instagram and schedule all your posts in the one place. You can also reply to comments and monitor your pages feeds. A great tool to use to stay organised and keep on top of your social media.


While Google Analytics gives you stats and numbers, Hotjar gives you the visual side to how people are using your website. Hot jar provides features such as Heat mapping to show you visually what sections peoples click and navigate to on your website, Visitor recording to see the process/flow of each user and how they work through your website and conversion funnels so you can see where people are dropping off as they work through your website.

We encourage you to check them out and incorporate these tools into your marketing strategy. The results you can access will help you keep on track to achieve your goals and KPIs!


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