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Our first South West Workshop!

Our first South West Workshop!

Our first South West Workshop!

My alarm goes off at 5:15am. It’s so early!!! But Kat and Mel are picking me up at 6am sharp! We have to be in Bunbury for 8:30am as we have our very first South West Workshop to run! How exciting.

We made it to Bunbury in record time (I was driving) and find our venue Waters Edge Café. What a stunning location, right on the water (like the name says duh) with a massive function room situated next to the café with the biggest screen we have ever seen. No one will miss our presentation that’s for sure. We grab a quick breakfast before attendees arrive.

I must admit to being a little nervous at this point, and it’s not often I get nervous. But with the size of the venue and 30 attendees it’s the highest number of people we have presented to so far. We have a mix of businesses attending from real estate, lifestyle, hospitality and professional services as well as Jennifer Bryant from Business Women Australia who Gloss is a partner of in 2016. This mix provided lots of interesting questions for Kat and I.

Our first session starts at 9:30am and is Facebook Essentials. I’m still amazed at how many business aren’t utilising Facebook. 11:30am and we have our lunch break. The food provided by Waters Edge Café was delicious and it was a perfect opportunity for everyone to network and for the Gloss team to get to know the attendees better and for the attendees to ask more questions specific to their businesses. Our afternoon session is Email Marketing – Mailchimp. Even though at Gloss we specifically use Mailchimp this workshop session went into Email Marketing strategies that attendees could implement in their own email programs. With the workshops sessions completed we drew the winner of our door prize “Miranda Mckenna from Juice Stretch Tents” that won 4 hours consulting with Gloss.

Time to unwind from our hectic day! We check into our accommodation and head out for dinner to recap the day, before hitting the sack. We’re Mini Gloss Girl free so a sleep in is definitely on the cards.

The day after our workshop we head back to the Waters Edge Café for breakfast and to secure the date for our next South West Workshop which will be held on January 20th and is an interactive covering Small Business Marketing Tips.

All in all we had a productive and amazing time in Bunbury. All the people and businesses we met were friendly, interesting and keen to learn more. Until January Bunbury!!!

Oh and we’ve got early bird tickets for our Bunbury workshop on sale until 18th December. To book your seat to our next South West workshop click here.


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