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The women changing how we do business…Our Influential Entrepreneurs

The women changing how we do business…Our Influential Entrepreneurs

Influential Entrepreneurs Perth

The women changing how we do business…Our Influential Entrepreneurs

In the first Behind the Brands event for 2017, meet the South West women who in their own way, are changing the way women do business…our Influential Entrepreneurs.

We asked our Bunbury speakers a few questions about how they got to where they are today.

Anoushka Marie – Social Media Influencer and owner of JOHN TAYLOR WATCHES

Kate Freebairn – Founder of SOUTH WEST MUMS



Other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

AM: Don’t give up. It sounds simple but there seems so much opposition when stepping out to start a business. You have a market that is brimming with already established businesses. You have people around you telling you it’s too hard and you could never do that. You have financial restraints and you have limited energy. But my constant decision daily is don’t give up! Even if it’s the smallest contribution to your dream that day, it’s still a small step towards your goal. Don’t live with regrets that you never tried it. Start and then Don’t give up!

KF: I start early (which is hard as I am so not a morning person). But I find by getting up before anyone else is up, doing my exercise, having my (first) coffee, and then being ready for the kids to get up makes for a much better start to the day than if I try to get up at the same time that they are trying to get ready. Exercise really helps in terms both physically and mentally. I am also very organised. As I have two businesses and I write, I know which business I am working on each day in advance. I also BUJO to really be efficient in terms of what I can achieve during the day. Also coffee! Lots of it!

MP: I had a vision of success right from when I started. I knew that I wanted to achieve and I verbalised me dreams. I also took calculated risk and re-invested my earnings in building my business.


What mindsets helped make your successful?

AM: Definitely positivity is huge. Keeping your eyes on the goal when you can barely catch a glimpse of it is also a massive mindset needed. Also just saying well why not? Yes, it’s hard and there are so many unknowns but why can’t I be successful too? There are people in the world doing it, so why can’t I? When you are feeling low remember that courage is not the absence of fear, courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.having a business is the flexibility you do have with time so use it to your advantage.

KF: I am a big believer in just giving things a go. Anyone can have a positive mindset, but actually trying things rather than wondering. A lot of the time, I am fighting fear of failure, but I say to myself, why not just try it? You’ll soon see if it’s right or not. If it works, then try to scale it, if it doesn’t, work out why and try again!

MP: Abundance and gratitude. What you think is what you attract. I have a can-do attitude and I want to achieve. One of my favourite sayings when trying to expand it “work through and wide”, be open to miracles.


Who do you look up to in business?

AM: My dad primarily. He is a successful doctor and also an entrepreneur. Despite hardships he always stays positive and when there are failures he views it as an opportunity to grow and not make the same mistake next time. He has given me my tenacious spirit and I thank him for that.

KF: I am a big admirer of Alecia Minster from Girl Bosses Australia – I love her positive attitude and the platform she provides for women in business in Australia. I grew up in a small business environment and have watched my Dad work his own business from a young age. I have learned a lot about going that extra mile and providing that little bit extra to your customers.

MP: We have an upline named Natalie Gooddard and I adore her. She is savvy with business, but she is also incredible centred and approachable. I also admire Tara Bliss as well, she is authentically connected to her own voice and is unwavering in her alignment. I also like Oprah, because she genuinely had an interest for continued knowledge and the human story.

But I admire my grandparents the most. They started a farm from scratch and have built a very successful business. There have been good years and there have been bad years, but they have always worked hard and have always been generous.


Do you have a favourite app?

AM: This changes every month but currently it is Mosaico and the Xero app.  Mosaico is an organiser for your Instagram posts, this helps to keep your Instagram feed looking uniform and also can remind you when you need to post, helping with consistency.

The Xero app is an accounting app which is also a software program. As boring as this sounds, I need to manage my business finances and stay on top of it and the Xero app helps incredibly with that, saving a heap of work at the end of the quarter.

KF: As a busy Mum with 2 kids, I love apps that give me a time boost! As Instagram is really important to our business model, I am loving Planoly for it’s ability to let me plan out our Instagram feed so that I can post on the go.

MP: Instagram – I love how easy it is to share my life with people.


What’s one bit of advice you wish you were given?

AM: I know it now, but a few years ago I would have loved to hear that success looks different for everyone. Success doesn’t need to equal millions of dollars or crazy extravagant holidays. Success can be a hard day’s work, a sense of achievement or even just stepping out and trying something new. I no longer define my business journey as this one big end goal. I am enjoying the journey and celebrating achievements as I go.

KF: To relax and enjoy the process! I tend to be quite impatient and want things to happen as I think of them. I wish I was reminded more often to relax and let things happen organically.

MP: The only way to grow a business long-term, is to put yourself first.

Bunbury Behind the Brands – Influential Entrepreneurs is on Tuesday 28th March, 12pm – 2pm at BREC. BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE.


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