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International Women’s Day – A behind the scenes look.

International Women’s Day – A behind the scenes look.

International Women’s Day – A behind the scenes look.

Places have been set, gift boxes placed at the tables, table settings all done, seating plan is up, registration desk is ready…wait where are scissors for the book launch cutting, argh its 11am time for us to get changed!

160 women (and men!) converged at Frasers on Tuesday 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day. The luncheon hosted by Business Women Australia was their first flagship event for the year, and we’re proud to say that we were the event managers and marketers for this wonderful event. It was an electric atmosphere with a wide range of guests from VIP’s, small business owners, corporates, Business Women Australia members and press.

Rewind a few months to when the event was in the early planning stages and we could not have imagined the number and the caliber of the attendees and the shear exhilaration from producing this event. If anyone has ever planned an event you will resonate with us as to how much time and effort goes into the planning, even on the smallest of details.

We don’t just get to turn up to the event, we we’re bumping in from 9:30am to make sure everything was set up and perfect and were frantically packing gift boxes the day before! (Let me tell you assembling them is slightly difficult when you’re doing it the day after your sisters hens party!) From managing sponsors and sourcing gift box items, to marketing the event and styling…phew – just makes me tired thinking about it, but we wouldn’t change a thing!

The actual event went by in a blur, as we were so focused on making sure everything ran smoothly and everyone was enjoying themselves. Angie Paskevicius gave an insightful and inspiring key note address and the book 16 Inspirational WA Women officially launched, which features some amazing stories including Lhani Davies, Jessica Smith and Sophie McNeil. (You may have seen the press the book has been getting!)

It’s official…women run the world! (And I can now walk into my study J)


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