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Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

I’ve always enjoyed hearing other women’s stories about their career journeys, especially those who have started their own business. Starting a business can be quite lonely but lucky for me I have a business partner which makes it much less scary. Since we started our business two years ago Kat and I have always made time to connect with other women, whether it be through networking events or online groups or women that have just come into our life. Some come and go but there are those that we deeply connected with and now are lucky enough to call our friends.

As entrepreneur’s we each have our story of how we started our business, and the hurdles we’ve had to overcome, so it’s fantastic to be able to identify with other women at some point in their journey. It’s for this reason we decided to launch our Behind the Brand series.

We wanted to bring together women who are making things happen to share their story of how they got where they are today and what drove them to make their idea a reality. Every successful business woman started somewhere and sometimes (more-often than not) we all need a little inspiration to keep going.

Mum’s who mean Business was a given when we were first deciding on a topic for Behind the Brand. It’s obviously something close to our heart here at Gloss as more-often than not only the “good” part of being a Mum who runs a business is told. We wanted to ensure the stories that were being shared were a real representation of how hard it is to be a Mum and try run a business and that everyone goes through this, so you are not alone. It can be at times frustrating, rewarding, tiring and triumphant all rolled into one.


Our three speakers, – Nicci Ashby from High Profit Media, Tammy Tansley from Help Me HR and Tammy Tansley Consulting and Jani Schaper from Glamour Nail Bar all have significantly different businesses and are at different stages of motherhood, yet faced the same hurdles and issues. It’s reassuring to know we aren’t the only ones that go a little bit crazy sometimes. J

We next take our Behind the Brand series to the South West for “Women who mean Business”, with three more inspiring ladies sharing their personal story. I am constantly amazed at the background of some business women and what they had to face to be where they are today. And more so that they didn’t even think their story is worth sharing!

Unfortunately, female entrepreneurs don’t get enough acknowledgement and we want to take a step towards changing that.


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