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3 Business Women who are Kicking Butt!

3 Business Women who are Kicking Butt!

3 Business Women who are Kicking Butt!

Our Behind the Brand – Mums who mean Business event is on next month with 3 amazing Perth business women and Mums speaking. Here they share their advice for being a kickass woman in business!

Jani Schaper is a Director and co-owner of Glamour Nail Bar.

Nicci Ashby is the owner of High Profit Media

Tammy Tansley currently owns 2 business – Tammy Tansley Consulting and Help Me HR


How do you get the most out of your day?

JS:     I write a to do list the day before and then prioritise from the most important thing that needs to get done to the least. I love being able to tick off tasks when they are done, I get such a satisfaction out of it haha. It also helps with the stress levels when sometimes there’s just so much to get done and so many things flying around in your head, it’s good to just get it written down on paper. 

NA: Write a list of important “to do’s” and make sure that the big stuff gets done. 

TT:    I start early (which is hard as I am so not a morning person). But I find by getting up before anyone else is up, doing my exercise, having my (first) coffee, and then being ready for the kids to get up makes for a much better start to the day than if I try to get up at the same time that they are trying to get ready.  Exercise really helps in terms both physically and mentally. I am also very organised. As I have two businesses and I write, I know which business I am working on each day in advance. I also BUJO to really be efficient in terms of what I can achieve during the day. Also coffee! Lots of it!


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to women worried about juggling family and career?

JS:     Just try not to get too boxy with your time and take the moments as they come. In the beginning I really struggled with juggling family and having a new business and would get really upset about not having a proper day off and a family day. Anyone knows with a business, especially establishing a new one is that there’s no such thing as 9-5. So I learnt to take my “moments” as they came and making them uninterrupted so not checking the phone or the emails for a few hours and that it was going to be ok. Those couple of hours in the afternoon, playing in the garden together or the Saturday morning breakfast and play at the park and then doing some work in the afternoon. The best thing about having a business is the flexibility you do have with time so use it to your advantage. 

NA:   Be kind to yourself. As business owners & mothers we can often judge ourselves harshly and can often quickly feel guilty about not always being there for our kids. Know that you are providing a solid role model for your children; in particular daughters.  If you have dreams chase them! You can run and successful business and be a great mum too.

TT:    Ask for and accept help. There is this myth that we need to do everything all ourselves. And accept that sometimes the balls we are juggling fall down, and that’s ok too. Sometimes it is about compromise – the family needs to take priority, sometimes the business needs more attention. There’s no perfect ‘balance’.


What do you think your key to success is? 

JS:     I think finding a niche and doing something different to what everyone else is doing. Definitely always believing in yourself and backing yourself even when things are tough. Also being brave enough to take the plunge and putting yourself out there, whole heartedly. I always say to myself “Whats the worst possible thing that could happen?” when stepping out in business and usually my answer isn’t anything too scary that I couldn’t deal with or recover from so I take the scary steps and always dream big and that’s worked in my favour so far! 

 NA:   There are several keys to success; 1. Knowing when you have hit your limit and knowing when it is time to reach out for a bit of support. 2. Working with a business mentor who has already achieved the results that you would like.  This is key; having guidance from someone who has already walked the path before you, which undoubtedly will save you time, angst and money.

TT:    Saying yes to the things that are scary and that you really want to say no to. (If my immediate reaction is “no, I can’t do that” then it is a pretty good indication that I should be doing that!) Working hard but also being gentle on myself. There are only 24 hours in the day. Not everything will get done immediately and that is ok.


Who do you look up to in business?

JS:     I don’t have one particular person that I look up to but many different people and all for different reasons. I love nothing more than networking and collaborating with other women with successful businesses from girlfriends of mine to other ladies I have met through professional networks. I feel like we can learn something from everyone and the more that you get together with like-minded people, the more you get encouraged and inspired by them. People who have been where you are at and understand what you go through with owning and running a business. 

 NA:   My mentor Paul Counsel and anyone else who has started a successful business from scratch.  We can all learn from each other.

 TT:    Judging the Telstra Business Women’s Awards for the past six years, I have come across the most extraordinary group of women who are doing their thing in a range of different industries. It’s hard not to be inspired by these stories and their successes. This year’s finalists are about to be announced, and truly there are some amazing women amongst them. There are plenty of success stories in business, NFP and politics that I look up and admire for the hard work and dedication that have gotten them to where they are today.  But my favourite inspiring person is someone I used to work with who owns a business in Tasmania, has a daughter with some pretty significant special needs, and who just manages her life with grace and resilience.  I don’t think success is always about earning the most or being the most senior person in the organisation (although of course that is good too!)


Do you have a favourite App?

JS:     “Word Swag” – I love this app to be able to create images for social media as well as promotions and advertising in the salon. It’s really quick and easy to use with some great backgrounds or you can use your own. You just type in what you want to write and it gives you a bunch of different layouts and fonts to choose from. 

NA:   OzSale. It’s a sales/shopping app and it helps me plan birthday and Christmas presents well in advance. I also love Radio Buddha as an app as it plays beautiful chill out music which is great whilst I am working.

TT:    Evernote is great – because it syncs between my phone/mac and iPad. I use it to write myself notes on things I want to write about. Or to keep notes of meetings straight out of the meeting. I use WordSwag for creating images for my social media.


Behind the Brand – Mums who mean Business is on Wednesday 19th October, 11:30am – 1:30pm at Four Points by Sheraton. Book your tickets here.


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