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Why having a small business is damn hard!

Why having a small business is damn hard!

Why having a small business is damn hard!

I’m writing this on a Sunday morning, my blog is already well over a week late! It’s meant to be on “Why running a small business is damn hard work” I’ve lost count at the number of times people say to me that I’m so lucky to have my own business as it must be great to be so flexible and do what I want. Huh?

I think most people have an idealistic view of what owning a small business is actually like. It’s not all lunch meetings, taking days off to go to the day spa or having weekends free to just relax and take time out.

When you have your own business and especially when it’s in its infancy you work long hours. Most nights I’m up to 11pm getting through tasks I didn’t have time to do during the day. Throw in having a toddler and it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. All working Mum’s would probably work split shifts like I do, that is from 5 to maybe 8 is family time, getting dinner, cleaning up, bathing and putting kids to bed. So never expect me to answer my phone or reply to anything during this time.

Social life, is non-existent. Downtime, is something I’m working on but is pretty much non-existent. Work life balance there is no such thing, the scales are always going to be tipped in one direction. Holidays, huh as if!

Having a small business is actually not that flexible (unless you don’t want to make a living from it) Don’t get me wrong there are advantages to being your own boss, you get to call the shots, you get to choose the jobs you undertake, but it can be all encompassing! If you don’t have a strong support network it can be a lonely place and cause friction with family. They need to understand you’re working long hours for a reason and support you in this.

Having a small business is amazing and I love what I do, but if you’re thinking about starting a small business go into it with your eyes open. Be prepared to earn next to nothing for at least the first 2 years whilst you find your feet and make sure that the people you are getting advice from actually have run a successful small business before and know what they are talking about! So many people are quick to offer their opinion on things but haven’t experienced the situation before.

One amazing benefit I do get with having my own business is that I get to spend quality time with my child. I fit my business in around her, its chaotic but I wouldn’t change it for the world. So if you’re trying to contact me on a Thursday morning, I’ll be at swimming lessons. J


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