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Want To Collaborate? Then Our Values Need To Align

Want To Collaborate? Then Our Values Need To Align

Want To Collaborate? Then Our Values Need To Align

Want To Collaborate? Then Our Values Need To Align

If you want to collaborate with us then our values MUST align. No if’s or buts. Gloss is a values driven business, and you may remember a few months back Megan wrote a blog about why this is. These foundations have built Gloss what it is today and we are very driven by them.


We are not motivated by money and never have been (read megan’s blog to find out why) when it comes to collaborating with others…what we look for is a connection and a genuine interest into the overall cause.


Partnering or collaborating with other businesses can be very beneficial for you if you share a similar target audience. It is a great way for you to connect with new people who are likely to be interested in your product, increases brand awareness and builds credibility.


But we will not collaborate with anyone if their values don’t align with ours. So how do we identify this? It’s pretty easy – we just ask.


We are all about building relationships and therefore before we enter into anything we get to know the other party involved. There have been many occasions where we have met with someone and walked away because we didn’t feel right about the situation. We aren’t scared to ask what someone’s values are for their business.


When you’re collaborating with people and your values align, you will have a good synergy. You will also be more likely to see results because you all want the same outcome. If your values don’t align what you will find is at some point along the way you lose the synergy and start becoming unbalanced because you’re each working to achieve different outcomes.


We often see many businesses putting call outs for collaboration opportunities across social media and whilst these social platforms are great in facilitating businesses to connect with one another, they often force you to move faster in a digital environment before you get a chance to get to know one another.


So our advice to you…Collaboration is great just make sure both parties will mutually benefit and that you are on the same page with your values for your business. At the end of the day your brand and reputation are very important and so is what you stand for, so you want to make sure that people you work with understand and share the same values.



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