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Why We Are A Values Based Business

Why We Are A Values Based Business

Why We Are A Values Based Business

Why We Are A Values Based Business

The past 6 weeks I’ve had more and more morning meetings in the city and it’s not only reminded me how terrible Perth drivers are (people simply can’t merge and drive so damn slow), but at how much I used to hate driving into West Perth every single day and being stuck in traffic. When we first started Gloss working from home was such a godsend. No traffic, could wear my trackies, have messy hair, watch Ellen at lunch…but as time has gone on I have found I actually enjoy working at home less and less and now only seem to do so at night or on the weekends.


It’s funny the shift that occurred after I left the corporate world. I hated everything about it. Which I think had a lot to do with the people that I was around (Not you Kat 😊) than the corporate environment itself. I thought I’d share with you the fundamental foundations Kat and I believe strongly about in our business and why these were inspired by our previous workplace.


We’re a Values Based Business

The number one driver in our previous workplace was sales and money. This is not the case with Gloss and that’s not to say that we don’t want to make a profit. We do. Just not at the expense of our souls. We need to have a connection with the clients we work with and if it’s not there, we don’t work with them. We value the relationships we build with our clients and are focused on the long- term success of our business and our client’s business.



We are often told when people meet us for the first time that we’re just like we are on social media. This is a compliment to us. We are really quite open in our business. Sometimes in our industry people aren’t as open and honest as they should be, so we lay everything on the table.


Plus, who has the time to be fake, it’s one of my pet hates and it’s so noticeable in people. Not everyone is going to like us or gel with us and that’s ok with me. I know we are being our true selves and that’s what’s important. We really enjoy what we do, so if we are not having fun or if we aren’t passionate about it, it isn’t going to work.


Community is Important

We are big believers in doing good and want to do our part in creating change in the world. We are especially passionate about empowering women and girls. Kat and I are both members of 100 Women and I sit on the advisory board. We have met a lot of wonderful women through this organisation and we are so proud that we are a part of the 100 Women community that is helping other women who don’t have the same advantages that we do.


Kat and my business partnership is built on mutual respect. Sure, we have disagreements, but we always communicate with each other. At the end of the day we were friends before we became business partners, so our friendship is always put before business.


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