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Trusting Your Instincts

Trusting Your Instincts

Trusting your instincts

Trusting Your Instincts

Gloss has been operating for almost 3 years now and in this short time we have learnt a lot of things and one of them has been to trust our instincts.


How many of you reading this can actually say that you go with your gut feeling 100% of the time?


There have been many occasions where we have had a bad feeling about a situation and have ignored it because of the fear of it being wrong only to experience months down the track that we were right. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but can be frustrating and disheartening when you have the “I knew it all along” feeling about a situation.


Be it good or bad, you need to learn how to trust your instincts.


BUT to do this you need to have confidence in yourself, you need to be able to stand by your decisions and own them and you need to accept that sometimes your instincts were right about the wrong thing, which isn’t always easy to deal with.


When we first started Gloss, Megan and I would take on whatever work came our way. We were excited and eager to grow the business and very quickly found ourselves extremely busy and caught up dealing with a few situations that caused us serious stress, sleepless nights and disagreements between each other. We ended up losing a couple of clients, a few of which we let go and upon reflection, Megan and I both admitted to having an “off” feeling right from the get go. So it got us thinking – why wouldn’t we have just said how we felt at the start, could we have avoided the drama if we just said no. From that moment on we decided that our instincts were very similar and often correct and we would never proceed with anything if one of us had a bad “gut feeling”. It also worked on the positive, if we felt strongly about a decision then we would go with regardless of the risks.


So, how did we learn to trust our instincts? Here are my top 3 suggestions on what you can do;


1. Work out what your values are as a person and a business. When you understand your values, you become quick to identify people who’s values don’t align with yours.


2. Be true & be you. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not – especially when it comes to business. I have two kids, work from home and there are days where the kids have to come to work with me (that’s my life) and I will always bring this up when I meet someone for the first time. The reason is because their reaction tells me whether I could work for them or not. There was a time last year when my daughter was sick and I had a conference call booked that same day. My daughter was very clingy and just wanted me to hold her (as they do) and so I decided to reschedule my phone meeting. The reply I got was no surprise to me as I never had a good feeling when it came to this particular business and it went along the lines of how much of an inconvenience this was and they could only delay the call by 30 minutes. I didn’t make the call but did get someone else to do it for me. This was the moment I realised that my instincts from the beginning were right.


3. Don’t be afraid to walkaway. Harness the power of the word “no”. Our values and our reputation are worth more than money in the bank so if we don’t have a good “feeling” during a meeting with a potential customer, we now just walkaway.


Our minds and bodies are very powerful and once you learn to trust what you feel you will have more confidence, more success and happiness.


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