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The importance of Collaboration

The importance of Collaboration

The importance of Collaboration

Collaboration in marketing is very important as it combines your resources with that of another business to increase leads, brand awareness and influence. By combining skill-sets with other businesses who have similar values, objectives and target audiences, you can maximise your marketing efforts and make bigger impact together.

We work with a number of different business, all who help us achieve our overall objective – marketing success for our clients. Through competitions, workshops and events, we collaborate with a number of businesses all who have value to offer our clients but who also give us the opportunity to offer value back to their target audience.

A couple of options for collaboration include partnership with a business for an event or workshop, running competitions where the prize offered reflects that of a business you are collaborating with and offering services or products in conjunction with another businesses service offering.

Collaboration should be part of your marketing strategy and here are some things to consider when looking to collaborate with a business.

Firstly, find someone who compliments your skill set – you want to make sure that you have the same mannerisms in your work output.

Collaboration needs to be beneficial for both parties so make sure that there is equal value for everyone and that you will both get something out of working together.

Make sure your values align. If you’re collaborating with another person for different reasons and don’t have the same business values you may find it more of a hassle than a help. Get to know the person/business your collaborating with and get a feel for how they operate, how they treat their clients, what their background is etc.

Collaborate with businesses who have a similar target audience to you. That way you can reach a wider audience of people and continue to build your relationship.

Trust them – you have collaborated for a reason! If you don’t trust the person/business your collaborating with then you need to stop it immediately. Who you collaborate with builds credibility for your brand so if the trust is not there, you are risking your image – we all know how hard it can be to build this back.


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