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Introducing Gloss Digital

Introducing Gloss Digital

Introducing Gloss Digital

Three weeks ago Gloss Digital officially launched. After a busy few months up went our website and our social media. We had been working tirelessly on it (and I say tirelessly for two reasons. Number 1 – we were actually devoting a lot of our time to getting it right and number 2 we both have babies!)

At Gloss we are dedicated to helping small businesses, owner operated businesses and startups. We work from home (one North, one South), which means virtually no overheads so our rates are way lower than “agencies” and affordable by our target market. And we will always work within our client’s budget, no matter how small it may be. Plus you get to deal with us, the ones that actually have the experience and knowledge, not an account manager who then needs someone else to implement the work for them. We don’t need flash offices to make ourselves look good, the proof is in what we can and have delivered for clients.

First and foremost Kat and I are a team, a package deal! We manage our clients marketing together. We have an agency background, we both have different skillsets and strengths and we do things differently at Gloss. One minute we’re at swimming lessons or Gymbaroo and the next we’re writing a digital strategy. That’s the thing you need to understand about us Gloss Girls before you decide to work with us, we’re Mum’s, we’re Digital Strategists, Marketing Professionals, Social Media folk and we’re damn good at what we do and we want to see small business succeed and be able to access digital marketing services that larger companies can. We’re all about partnering with our clients and helping them learn and understand along the way.

Gloss Digital was well in the making long before either of us realised. We both look back at how the events transpired and know it was meant to be.  Kat and I both fell pregnant within 7 weeks of each other. The day Kat welcomed her daughter Sienna into the word my waters broke and my daughter was born 2 weeks later.

It’s amazing how much you change when you become a parent – not only does your day to day duties change but so does your outlook on life. We found ourselves sitting on the other side of the fence – the side that is out of the corporate hustle and bustle and full of people who are trying to get their home business off the ground, people who have been working for themselves for a few years but don’t have the knowledge or time to get their marketing going. What we found was all these people have googled website design, online marketing strategies etc and have been seen and quoted by the “big agencies” only to be let down by the pricing! We realised that there was people on this side of the fence that needed us and we too needed them. We needed them so we can do what we love – help businesses with their marketing and also be the best possible parents to our daughters. We wanted the relationship, the flexibility and the results!

We realised we didn’t need to be number 1 in google, what we needed was to make ourselves available to anyone who needed our help and experience and do a really good job and deliver on our promises and we would make a name for ourselves that way and receive referrals.

Online Marketing is after all about taking a holistic approach, you don’t just do SEO, you need to be visible on social media and have a strong offline presence.

Here are some quick Gloss fun facts:

1. When my phone buzzes first thing in the morning my husband says “Let me guess its Kat”

2. We don’t work set hours; we are 24 hours 7 days a week and some days our work day may start at 7.30pm until 2am!

3. We always seem to dress the same and it’s not on purpose. Our clients even started commenting on this that our outfits also co-ordinate!

So that’s just a little intro into Kat and I and how Gloss came about. Continue the journey with us and follow us on social media!


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