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How I Measure Success

How I Measure Success

How I Measure Success

How I Measure Success

What success means to me, is vastly different to what it means to the next person. As I’ve gotten older and moved out of the corporate world, my views on success have changed greatly. I’ll admit that 5 years ago having a good job title, expendable income and a nice house defined success to me. Boy how things change!


I’ve got set goals in my life, and whilst money is one of them, it’s not the main driver. It’s about balance and giving back. I want to know that I’ve left a mark on the world, no matter how small and that I’ve been a giving and nice person along the way.


In my personal life when my daughter was a baby if I had managed to shower and eat lunch then I was successful! 😊 Now if I can spend quality one on one time with her and make her happy then that’s a success I am most proud of.


I think the biggest thing in creating your own measurement of success is to create your own standards. Set goals that are achievable, why would you set a goal that’s so unattainable you know you won’t reach it and in turn setting yourself up to fail.


Live a life that’s true to you and not what other people expect of you. There is no such thing as a perfect house, family, career or body. It’s exhausting. In my previous role I had the title but I hated my job, I disliked the culture and most of the people around me. But on paper I looked successful, but I wasn’t happy.


Fast forward 3 years, less a six figure income, probably 20 hours more work a week, a body that’s gone AWOL and a mini me that’s constantly shouts Mum, Mum, Mum and I’m so much happier! This is because I love what I do, I surround myself with likeminded and inspiring people and have learnt the true meaning of love and what is most important in life, which to me are not materialistic things. Simply put, I’m fulfilled and that to me is true success.


One question I always love to ask female entrepreneurs is how they personally measure success, I’d love to hear how you do as well.


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