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Employee’s Perspective

Employee’s Perspective

Employee’s Perspective

It’s April 2015 and I’ve just finished my Diploma of Events Management. Scared of what the “big wide world” had to offer, I found myself in an interview with Megan. Now don’t be fooled, this wasn’t your ordinary interview. There was a phone on the table with Kat on the line, a big dog by the window and a baby better known as Quinn jumping around on Megan’s lap. It was by far the craziest interview I had ever been too – but something just felt right.

My first day of work was different to say the least! We had our very first meeting, followed by a walk to the park with baby Quinn & Sienna, lunch, some more work and then home time. After the day was over and I was thinking at home about just how different this job would be to someone’s that worked in the corporate world, the thought made me laugh.

I currently work with babies each shift. Mondays are the craziest days with both babies, Tuesday’s I work with Kat & Sienna and then on a Friday I get to work with Megan & Quinn! Let me just say its not all rainbows and sunshine working with babies (well maybe when the Wiggles are on!). There are some days where it’s difficult to get work done as the babies are having an “off” day, or if one of us gets sick, it seems to spread to all of us! However I believe there are far more pro’s than con’s…

Being able to work directly with Kat & Megan that both have copious years of experience in Marketing has provided me with invaluable first-hand knowledge and experience in a field I had only dabbled in previously. It has been an incredible learning journey for myself and I look forward to continually learning and evolving in my role as a Marketing Assistant.

It has been almost four months since I began at Gloss Digital, working with Megan and Kat (who are both incredible bosses and mothers!) and the gorgeous baby girls. The best part of working for Gloss however is that I feel as though I have more than a job, I’ve acquired a second family. That, to me, is the greatest benefit of them all!



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