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5 Minutes with Stacey Murray from Murray HR Solutions

5 Minutes with Stacey Murray from Murray HR Solutions

5 Minutes with Stacey Murray from Murray HR Solutions

In the leadup to our event Behind the Brand – Women who mean Business in Bunbury on 16th November, we sat down with one of our guest speakers – Stacey Murray from Murray HR Solutions for a bit of a chat about how she manages her day with a toddler whilst running two small businesses.

How do you get the most out of your day?

Be organised! I prepare everything the night before (especially for my son) so there’s no blind panics in the morning;

Lists, lists, lists! With 2 businesses, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed, so I jot down lists of tasks to do, and it not only helps me break down big jobs into achievable little chunks and it also gives me a sense of accomplishment crossing these off each day;

And try to take breaks and get out of the four walls! Working from home or an office, it’s important to take regular breaks to get some sunshine, exercise, fresh air or to socialise which is reenergizing and important to remaining happy, healthy and motivated.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to women worried about juggling family and career?

Don’t waste your time and energy feeling guilty. This was the biggest struggle I experienced as a business owner and mother; feeling guilty that I was a working mum who wasn’t spending all my time on my son, and the other half of me would feel guilty for being a mother, and not working.

Guilt is a wasted emotion. Find support – be it daycare or a baby sitter, a house cleaner, a virtual assistant, other mums going through it with you… Being supported to be a productive business owner, a content mum and happy person could mean getting help with any or all of these things and more. You might find as a result, your time not working will be better spent quality time with your family, and not worrying about cleaning the house or doing menial tasks. It’s quality time over quantity… So forget feeling guilty, get help where you need it, and start achieving your goals!

What do you think your key to success is? 

There are many, but if I had to choose just one, it is perseverance. Business isn’t easy, and there are many setbacks, failures and rejections, kinks in well laid plans, times when you question why you’re doing it, or panic because you don’t know how to do it all. There are many days where giving up seems like an option. But… persevering is about moving forward despite these moments and days. Knowing these feelings and moments are temporary and understanding my ‘why’, my reason for doing what I do, keeps me focussed on working toward the end goal.

Who do you look up to in business?

We’re spoiled for talented female entrepreneurs in Australia… Among those self-made women who inspire me are Janine Allis (Retail Zoo), Maxine Horne (Vita Group), Naomi Simson (Red Balloon), Jo Burston (Job Capital / Rare Birds). The HR geek in me also admires Richard Branson for his pioneering and success across multiple sectors and products, as well as his innovation in people leadership and management.

 Do you have a favourite App?

You know how I love a good list? Evernote is an app that allows me to take notes and make lists, photos, scans, while I’m out and about (especially handy when I don’t have my diary on hand). It helps me make sure I remember to grab milk on the way home or my million dollar idea isn’t forgotten.


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