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10 Marketing Tips for Small Business

10 Marketing Tips for Small Business

10 Marketing Tips for Small Business

Many small businesses don’t place enough emphasis on marketing. It can be for lack of direction, next to no funding, they don’t have time or they simply don’t feel it’s important!


Marketing is important in business, without it you wont see an increase in sales or profit.


Here are 10 marketing tips to get you started


  1. Define your target audience.

I am sure you’ve heard this a few times by now. And please don’t say your target audience is everyone. Your target audience impacts almost every aspect of your marketing and sales process. Are your clients B2B or B2C?

What are their pain points &challenges? This will help with the copywriting and ad creative you’ll use to compel your ideal customer to action. You need to build solutions to their challenges and pain points and use language that addresses them in your marketing messages.


  1. Get a great website

This is not the time to try and save money and build it yourself. Your website is what everything leads back to and needs to connect to your audience and draw them in. So often I see businesses that build a website that they want, not their target audience. Build it for what your audience needs.

Marketing Tips for Small Business

When visitors first reach your site can they easily identify if they fit your target audience and if your product or service is for them?


  1. Review your Google Analytics

And if you don’t have it installed do so immediately! This is really underused by most businesses. There is such valuable data to be found here beyond how much traffic you’ve had to your site.

You want to look at where the traffic has come from, how long visitors have stayed on your site, what pages they have looked at and where they are dropping off.


  1. Create great content

Focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


The number one reason businesses these days have low engagement on social media is because their content sucks. And remember the same content doesn’t always work across all mediums. You need to tailor it to suit.


  1. Use more video

Videos tell a story and bring your brand to life. They allow you to transmit large amounts of information and the fact is consumers watch video more than they engage with any other form of content. Plusthey are easily searchable!


  1. Get your clients working for you!

You have to love User Generated Content (UGC). It allows you to authentically connect your audience as the content is created by people that use your product or service. It makes your followers brand advocates, which is a powerful mechanism considering that 33% of buyers believe what a brand says about itself and 92% believe what their peers have to say about a brand.

This is generally over social media and in particular Instagram, where users can tag your brand.


  1. Don’t forget referrals and reviews

Referrals mean trust and are one of the most valuable sales opportunities in business. When a referral is given, you know that some if not most of the general objections have been overcome. There are lesser pricing objections and they have a head start on understanding what it is you offer, reducing the closing time.

Marketing Tips for Small Business

Reviews are equally as important as they help a potential client move along in the buying process.


  1. Don’t rely on social media

Whilst social media does have the ability to reach a large targeted audience, most of that audience aren’t at any stage of your buying process. Social media is generally top of funnel meaning it’s sits at the awareness stage. People aren’t ready to buy then.


It might drive traffic to your website or increase your brand awareness, but what are you doing about that? How are you then marketing to those people?


You need to take a holistic approach to marketing and ensure your marketing efforts serve as a funnel to visitors to your site, shop or other.


  1. Embrace Contests and Giveaways

If you’re just starting out, this is such a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase or build your social media following. I mean who doesn’t love the chance to win something!

Marketing Tips for Small Business

Your giveaway should be so something that is relevant to your business, not just movie or concert tickets as they have no lasting effect. You also want to ensure the people entering your competition fit into your target audience.


  1. Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing is generally a long term formal arrangement with a business that has a similar target market to you but is not your competitor, with the aim of both achieving a goal – brand awareness, conversions etc.


Partnership marketing can be via content, a product or co-branding. Remember it’s a two way street, a reciprocal relationship.  Make sure before you enter into an agreement, you find out what’s in it for you, and what the other party is expecting and put some terms in place.


Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to get creative with it.



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